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Pōtiki Poi Workshop - 2.30pm, Friday 24 June

Pōtiki Poi Workshop - 2.30pm, Friday 24 June

One hour workshop on Poi for Takapō School Students

Lake Tekapo School, Aorangi Crescent, Lake Tekapo 7999, Aotearoa

Revitalising the art of poi. I have grown up from a very early age watching my mum studying, researching and teaching Hauora Māori. She has taught me the importance of combining relationships and knowledge. Understanding the facts or details without having a connection or relationship with the kaupapa, is pointless. So to ensure we really are connected to our product, we have done our research.

Georgia and her Mum were privileged to have met up with the Rachel Wesley from the Otago Museum to look at a small range of poi when they first started Pōtiki Po. This experience has helped them decide on a unique design for their taura (cords) and hukahuka (tassels). It has helped to encourage people to buy the right size taura (cord), as it is really important that we use our poi as they were created to be used. The sound the upoko (head) makes depends on the weight and covering. It is important to know how to get the right sound and create a rhythm, not just to simply spin a poi. Georgia is passionate about reteaching the art of poi, as authentically as she can.

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